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The Complete Story of Three Blind Mice by John W. Ivimey; illustrated by Paul Galdone (1987)

A cute (almost cutesy) look at what happened before and after the famous three blind mice's encounter with the farmer's wife and her infamous carving knife. Paul Galdone's last book; he died three weeks after finishing it.

Here is a copy of the original version, with illustrations by Walton Corbould, around the turn of the last century:

These Edwardian mice could be straight out of Forster, or Mary Poppins.  They are certainly dapper.

Galdone's mice are much less dapper and much more real, although Galdone's mice are all wearing scarves.

This would not make a very good read aloud, or even a bedtime story book.  When all is said and done, isn't this really a song?

The Complete Story of the Three Blind MiceThe Complete Story of the Three Blind Mice by John W. Ivimey
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Ivimey took the old song and gave it a overhauled it back in the turn of the last century.   Galdone's illustrations are always a delight, but if you go find the original illustrations by Walton Corbould (Edwardian mice who look like they stepped out of Beatrix Potter or E.M. Forster) you may wonder why publishers thought the book needed refurbished.  I'm also not sure this works as a picture book at all; when all is said and done, it's a song not a story.  But it's still cute, and worth a look.

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