Monday, August 19, 2013

That Is Not A Good Idea by Mo Willems (2013)

Another perfect Mo Willems book.  I can't even imagine him writing a bad book - and I'm not sure he's capable of writing even a ho-hum book.  This book is so simple, yet so delightfully clever.  It's not for everyone - and it's certainly for someone with a good sense of humor.  Expect the unexpected with Mo Willems, always.  Is this really a children's picture book?  I think not only for children.

Mean carping on my part about inane Goodreads reviews:

"Great surprise. Learn about silent movies"  Thanks for boiling this down for us - into nothing but a burned up sauce pan.

"Presented in the format of an old silent film, That is Not a Good Idea talks about stranger awareness through the actions of a naive goose, and the chicks among the audience who know better. There is a twist in the end though, which is surprising, yet still relevant to the lesson."  Thanks for the "I am a robot teacher" review.

"Fun takeoff on silent films with a not so surprising ending. "  I must be stupid, because I WAS surprised by the ending, and pleasantly so.  Thanks for making me feel dumb.

" I feel like kids could take away the wrong message."  What exactly could be the wrong message here?  It seems to me the message is "one may smile and smile and be a villain."   This is some Shakespearian shit here  -- so  a plague on your wrong message, thou cockered motley-minded minnow!

That Is Not a Good Idea!That Is Not a Good Idea! by Mo Willems
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You know what IS a good idea???  Immediately going to your local public library and checking out this book.  Add five other Mo Willems to your stack, even if you've read them before. Even if you have no children.  If you do know of a child, of any age, who has a really good sense of humor, maybe even a twisted sense of humor, who appreciates a simple story that packs a hilarious punch, who maybe even likes art and graphic novels - purchase this book for them. Surprise them with it, don't wait for the birthday or Christmas.  Mo Willems is a genius.  He is this generation's Dr. Seuss. His storytelling skills and skills at illustration are equally amazing.    He can't write a bad book; he can't even write a ho-hum book.

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  1. Never heard of Mo Willems, but I want to read him now.

  2. I ordered Naked Mole Rat for my niece this week!


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