Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I'm going through old books I read in 2003, that I'm adding to Goodreads, and ran across this deliciously bitchy review of The Loving Friends: A Portrait of Bloomsbury by David Gadd from November 20:

About Bloomsbury.  I read nearly all of this before I got bored.  Their lives (I presume I meant the Bloomsburians, not David Gadd) are shallow and stupid, all they cared about was one another, and quite possibly they are the most unpleasant group of people to walk the face of the earth.  What utterly unlikable individuals.  Their lives are loud, obnoxious and meaningless - just like something written by Viriginia Woolf.  Too bad more of them didn't commit suicide - and at an earlier age.  No more Bloomsbury for me!

Wow.  How did you REALLY feel, 2003 Shawn?

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