Friday, November 22, 2013

The Misenchanted Sword by Lawrence Watt-Evans (1985)

I am really disappointed in this one.  I read a book by Lawrence Watt-Evans called Ithalin's Restoration nearly ten years ago, and really liked it - and then promptly forgot the author's name and title until quite recently.  It was the middle of a series, and I though, what the heck, I will go back and re-read the series. I had to BUY the first book (albeit a used copy), which is anathema to me (public library all the way, but my library didn't own it).  I was so excited to get my 1985 paperback - VERY 1985 cover - and even took it along on a plane trip.  I even gave this well beyond my 50 page rule, hoping I would like it better.

I remember Ithalin's Restoration being sparkling, fast paced, witty, and urban.  This was exactly the opposite.  For such a short book - not even 300 pages - it was so slow and ponderous.  What's the opposite of sparkling?  Dull?  Flat?  Heavy.  It's a military fantasy too.  With plenty of violence.  Violence that I guess moved the plot along, but seemed just gratuitous.  It's pure military fantasy too - not even any geopolitical scheming to make it interesting.  The main character is dull and stupid.  I wanted more from this.  Oh well, there are plenty of good books out there, waiting to be read!

The Misenchanted SwordThe Misenchanted Sword by Lawrence Watt-Evans

How can such a short book - under 300 pages - feel so long and ponderous and heavy?  It's like it weighed 300 lbs.  Very disappointed.  I gave this a good, fair shot too - over 100 pages.  And that was painful, with so many other good things to read.  Onward to something else.

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