Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Secret of Chimneys by Agatha Christie (1925)

Oh Agatha, how you disappointed me!  This was one of the lamest books I've tried to read in a long time.  The characters are flat, the adventure thriller is flat; it too much too long to get off the ground, so long I lost patience with it.  Agatha's plots can be circular and venn-diagram-my, and most of the time that plays to her favor, but not this time.  I'm not going to do my usual "annotated Agatha" thing this time, because I didn't actually finish the book.  What a bummer.  I think the next one chronologically is TheMurder of Roger Ackroyd, which I know I've read and I'm looking forward to reading again.

The Secret of Chimneys (Superintendent Battle #1)The Secret of Chimneys by Agatha Christie

Certainly the worst Agatha Christie I've ever read; I found this one so dull I couldn't complete it, but finally put it down in a fit of apathy.  Flat characters inhabit an even flatter, duller plot.  Perhaps in 1925 this was a rousing, page turning best seller, but I just didn't want to spend any more time on it in the here and now.

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