Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Long Live the King by Fay Weldon (2013)

Goodreads has these three books as the "Love and Inheritance" trilogy, which makes them sound far more sappy and romantic than they actually are. That's a marketing title, and a pretty piss poor one at that.  Not one place on the actual books themselves have I seen "Love and Inheritance."  I may not have picked them up if I'd seen it.

Marketing and profit is also why I assume this is three books instead of one big book.   It would have made a quite good Michener-sized novel.  Cut out some of the explanations of the last book found at the beginning of the first book, add some "years gone by" exposition, and I think this could have easily made a 900 page saga.  However, three 300 page novels make more money than a 900 page saga.

Long Live the King is more of the same.  Habits of the House was more triangular and had sharp points; Long Live the King  was softer, more humorous, a little less sexy (although not by much), more circular.

Long Live the King (Love & Inheritance Trilogy, #2)Long Live the King by Fay Weldon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Don't start Long Live the King first; pick up and read Habits of the House or you will probably be lost. Long Live the King is as fun and good as Habits of the House; Habits is more triangular, with sharper points and a little sexier; King is more circular, more humorous, softer (but not gentler).  The characters are still all this strange cross of despicable and sympathetic.  I didn't really like anyone in the book, but I certainly wanted to stick to the journey to see where they were going and where they would end up.  

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