Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld (2013)

A Goodreads reviewer starts out her two star-review with "kind of horrified."  I sort of felt the same way.  The longer I read the book, the bigger pit was in my stomach.  A pit because the characters were so unlikable.  A pit because I knew something bad was going to happen to them and their stupid, pathetic lives, and I was desperately hoping it was a big earthquake would hit and destroy all of them (spoiler:  it didn't).  A horrified pit that I kept on reading and reading (well into the night, when I should have been sleeping) because I was hoping that something good would happen to someone.  it did not:  they are all bitches.  Every last one.  Except maybe the new lesbian girlfriend.  She seemed nice.

SisterlandSisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I thought a book about psychic twins would be an on the edge of your seat, riveting, can't-put-down-able whizzbanger.    But it's like this book can't decide whether it wants to be a family drama or a paranormal thriller, and settles uncomfortably (and boringly) somewhere in between.  Add some really, really unlikable and unsympathetic characters, and I ended up with a book that I read well past my bed time into the wee hours and kicked myself for the whole way through.

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