Friday, February 21, 2014

The New Countess by Fay Weldon (2013)

Really, more of the same deliciously trashy potboiling found in the other two books in the series.  This one had even less sex, far less sex (since one of the plot points was that a couple weren't having sex at all), but far more gays (albeit one is evil, which is lame).  I still think Downton Abbey could use a good injection of some of the lascivious plot points and twists.

The New Countess (Love & Inheritance Trilogy, #3)The New Countess by Fay Weldon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It's really too bad these three books weren't just one long   big potboiler; I thought the quality (I use that term very, very lightly) suffered by the end and felt almost like a treatise rather than a book. Connecting the three together maybe would have helped retain some of the continuity.   Far, far less sex than the first book (that's even a plot point) but more gays (four of them!).  These books made a terrific time waster (don't expect to learn anything here), and I wish I'd been surrounded by a beach or plane full of people while I read them (they are perfect for this).  They would make an even better television show; I can think of one particularly series set in almost the same time period that could definitely use an injection of some of Fay Weldon's lasciviousness.

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