Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Manqué & Anodyne

I guess I can use my blog for whatever the hell I want.  Like to collect interesting words.

man·qué  [mahng-key; French mahn-key]
adjectivehaving failed, missed, or fallen short, especially because of circumstances or a defect of character; unsuccessful; unfulfilled or frustrated (usually used postpositively): a poet manqué who never produced a single book of verse.Origin:
1770–80;  < French,  past participle of manquer  to lack, be short of < Italian mancare,  derivative of manco  lacking, defective < Medieval Latin, Late Latin mancus  ( Latin:  feeble, literally, maimed, having a useless hand, probably derivative of manus  hand).

In reference to Sarah Palin, who is most reliably and undeniable manqué!   "Recent events seem to confirm that she is an Obama-era novelty politician — and not much else."

II hope that adjective can't be used to describe me!

And another one:  

an·o·dyne  [an-uh-dahyn]  noun1.  a medicine that relieves or allays pain.
2.  anything that relieves distress or pain: The music was an anodyneto his grief.adjective3.  relieving pain.
4.  soothing to the mind or feelings.
 Origin:  1535–45;  < Latin anōdynus  < Greek andynos  painless, equivalent toan- an- + ōdyn-  (stem of odýnē  pain, with lengthening of ) + -os adj. suffix

Also in reference to Die Führerin from Alaska, from the same article.  Although clearly less Führerin as she was in 1998.  All Führerin  and no bite, so to speak.  

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