Monday, April 7, 2014

Peep! A Little Book about Taking a Leap by Maria Van Lieshout (2009)

I usually hate message driven children's picture books.  So I hated this book.  Quite a bit.

Who would buy this book?  Who would read it aloud to a child?  Why was this book even published?

Why is it about a chick?  What the hell was the green balloon,and why did it pop?

Peep!: A Little Book About Taking a LeapPeep!: A Little Book About Taking a Leap by Maria van Lieshout
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Why exactly do we even care about Peep the chick and his leap off the curb?  There are too many weird things about this book.  The illustrations.  The creepy green balloon and its loud pop.  The  scribbly illustrations that look like someone's doodles.  This seems like some sort of vanity project that was picked up and published, but I don't know why. I usually hate children's picture books with an obvious message.  I hate this book.

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From someone else's Goodreads review, someone who liked it :  "ideal to use at the end of a school year, celebrating successes and reassuring about readiness for new challenges."  Yes, but how?  It's too short and weird to effectively read aloud, and doesn't have a narrative to follow along.  I'm not exactly sure how one would use this effectively.  It's such a flat, boring story too.   Most message drivel is.

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