Friday, August 15, 2014

Great Tales from English History: A Treasury of True Stories - the Extraordinary People Who Made Britain Great by Robert Lacey (2003)

A solid read.  What was truly fun is that I'm listening to Edward Rutherfurd's Sarum: The Novel of England on audio, and Lacey's book is almost a color commentary of Sarum.  I kept wondering if Lacey read Rutherfurd's novel, and created these short nonfiction bits based on the best history found in Rutherfurd's tome.  I'm absolutely sure that's not true, but reading this and listening to has definitely been a double-whammy of English history.

Great Tales From English History OmnibusGreat Tales From English History Omnibus by Robert Lacey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Very solid; short, entertaining bits about British history that pithily separates the wheat from the chaff; if the chaff is legend and the wheat is truth, Lacey lets you savor the sweet chaff a bit before discarding it, which is nice.  Great fun.

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