Friday, May 1, 2015

Mariana by Monica Dickens (1940)

Some of my initial reactions to this book were that it was Something like Diana Wynne Jones, flippant and funny.  But that didn't last.  There are only hints of that Jones-ness here and there.

Predominantly, I just can't with this book.  I've officially had it.  

It's Episodic.  It Doesn't seem to have any kind of center.  

Except being in love with her cousin, which is icky.  Really icky.

I Love the cover; the painting was done in 1933 at about the same time the book was set.  But when your love of the cover is the best thing about the book...  uh oh...

MarianaMariana by Monica Dickens
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

When the thing you like most about a book is it's cover, then uh-oh major.

There are few redeemable qualities, but being in love with her cousin isn't one of them.

I so wanted this to be Nancy Mitford crossed with Dickens, but instead it was a dickens of a book to try make myself finish.  (I must admit, some serious skimming went on towards the end just so I could finish the bloody thing).

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