Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hiroshima by John Hersey (1946)

I kept thinking that it was amazing that Hersey was able to do this research and talk to all of these survivors so soon after the war ended - barely a year after the bomb was dropped!

HiroshimaHiroshima by John Hersey
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This is a horrifying book though.  It's scary.  I know I read it in high school, and as I read it, bits and pieces returned to me.  The woman whose skin came off like a glove, the soldiers whose eyes melted out of their sockets.  Real horror movie stuff, that teenagers love.  And adults, at least this adult, does not.  Images in my head that terrify.  Which, I suppose, is the point.  Hersey wanted to remind  John and Mary Average the absolute power possessed by only one country (at that time, at least) and the effects of that power.

On August 6 it was 70 years, one of the reasons I picked this book up.  I don't need to read it again.  Twice in a lifetime, like the atomic bombings themselves, is enough.

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