Monday, April 4, 2016

Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi (2005)

In high school, I owned this book Glory Lange,  I mostly likely purchased it because I loved the cover (my copy, I think, is long gone; I will have to go home and check).  To me, Agent to the Stars is one of those books that are a descendant of this kind of fun, humorous science fiction that I often read as a kid.  This book made me smile a lot, and laugh out loud occasionally.  The plot is a hoot; the characters are believable and really well written.   I also loved the mid-century modern paperback cover of the edition I read.

As a transplanted California who worked in the San Gabriel valley for many years, and lived in a block away from Pomona Valley Hospital for ten years, Scalzi's southern California completely rang true.  Although I don't know - if you weren't from the area, would any of that even make sense?  Probably, but I would be curious, if I read this in high school, would I just gloss over the locations I didn't quite understand (Azusa comes to mind).

Agent to the StarsAgent to the Stars by John Scalzi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thoroughly enjoyable, deftly plotted, with great characters and a unique, fun setting. Did I forget to mention that it's funny? Plenty of smiles; warn those around you that you may be chuckling out loud at several points. Special note to Angelenos: Scalzi's southern California roots are showing, and showing, and showing. His place names, his times of travel, is national forests and local (I mean local too) hospitals add an element that only those of us who live and work and play (and commute) in the southland will truly understand. My first Scalzi book is definitely not my last!

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