Friday, July 1, 2016

The Railway Children by E.Nesbit (BBC dramatized production, 1993)

I've never reviewed or even blogged about The Railway Children here before; and this isn't really going to be a review, because quite frankly it doesn't count.

I've been listening to more and more audio books in the car to and from work, and I'm streaming or downloading them from various libraries, also occasionally buying them as a "whispersync" for my kindle app.  I checked out The Railway Children from Los Angeles Public Library.  I loved it; it's one of my favorite stories of all time.

But it's a radio production, not really a book.  It follows the book really closely, but it's not the book.
Even Blithe Spirit, which I reviewed here and at Goodreads, was exactly the play; I could have read along.  As delightful as The Railway Children was, I'm not going to review it in depth.  I will save that for the actual book (which I may read, or listen to).

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