Monday, October 24, 2016

Dreams Offer Solace by Tara Wohlberg (2011)

Dreams offer solace, as the stars shimmer in the night.
Dreams offer fantasy, as reality disappears.
Dreams offer courage, determination, strength, and power.
Dreams offer comfort, as protection from all who try to harm.
Dreams offer hope and freedom, as the spirit transcends our world.
Dreams offer refuge, safely warm in the night’s embrace.
Dreams become my benediction, gently sifting time away.
You are my solace, standing tall in the fiercest storm.
You are my silence, golden, my heart open wide.
You are my solace, are my solace, my courage freedom, benediction, refuse, fantasy
You are my solace, fantasy, comfort, courage.  You are my solace, silence.

I attended a choral concert on Sunday, and the Saddleback Chamber Singers under the direction of my husband Scott Farthing.  It was a lovely, moving, beautifully sung concert with the theme of "Freedom."  You can hear someone else singing it here.  

I've been writing poetry lately, for the first time in at least twenty years, almost a poem a day, and I've been paying more and more attention to poetry and lyrics because of that.    The above poem, by Tara Wohlberg  really struck and resonated with me.  I don't consider myself a "dreamer" of any sort, although if I dig deep enough, I probably have dreamed and am dreaming and will dream again.  I just do not bring my dreams to the surface, but let them bubble underneath, like an undersea volcano.

This is something I've always been sort of ashamed about.

I long to be more of a dreamer, like that old idea that is misattributed to Robert Kennedy, the one that is in everyone's high school graduation speech:  "There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?"

I want to be that kind of person.  

This  makes it sound like hearing Wohlberg's poem set to music by Stephen Chatman put me off in some way, when it did exactly the opposite.  Even if I'm not a dreamer, someone out there is, dreaming  solace, fantasy, courage into being.  And god bless them.  

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