Wednesday, December 28, 2016

"Easy as That" by Brendan Gillett (2016)

I have a friend who is an incredible poet. He asked for a poetry prompt, and I sent him one. I'm so amazed and moved by what he created from my prompt.

"To become adult can certainly feel like walking a high wire, can’t it? If my foot slips, I’m gone. I’m dead.” Ursula Le Guin from New Yorker article October 17, 2016. I tried and failed to write a poem I liked using the quote!
—Shawn Thrasher

Easy As That

Don't you see?
Being adult
is not much different.
There is still time
for children's books
and playing
with the dogs
or making jam
in the morning—
so sweet, the sugar
filling the air with
innocent scents.

Becoming adult,
however, now that
is a task. It is at once
simply to stay alive
while so many things
call you away, to confront
what you think you must be
and all of the attendant

But you have shown me
what it means to have become.
Your enjoyment of
the simple things, taking it
easy. An example of love
and settlement that I couldn't
picture before, that you had
fewer examples of
but created anyway; that is
the bravery of becoming adult.
You crossed the high wire,
each footstep
making it just a little wider
for those of us who would

follow behind.

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