Saturday, December 30, 2017

Templeton Gets His Wish by Greg Pizzoli (2015)

Unless you were an only child (or an orphan), at one point or another, when you were a kid, there came a point when everyone around you were assholes, and you just wanted some alone time.  Especially if you lived a small house, and had to share a room with your little brother (and occasionally a bed, although only at Grandma’s house or on vacation; I wasn’t a Walton).  Or you just wanted everyone to go the f*** away.  Greg Pizzoli’s Templeton (a cat, not a rat), finds a magic diamond and wishes everyone away (shades of The Twilight Zone here).  And just like that, they are all gone.  What would you have done in the same situation?  I probably would have cried like a little girl.  But Templeton goes to town and has a party for one.  Until he realizes that grumpy dads and toy stealing little brothers are what makes life worthwhile, and wishes them back (if this were really The Twilight Zone, he would have been alone FOREVER and had to wallow in his guilt and loneliness).  I love Greg Pizzoli’s illustrations, with their flat, simple color palette.  

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Unless you were an only child (or an orphan), as a child you probably were greatly annoyed at one time or another with your grumpy (perhaps pregnant) mom, your cranky (worked all day) dad, and toy stealing little brother. Especially if you lived in a small house and had to share a bedroom (and occasionally a bed) with said brother. Sometimes you wanted to Calgon them all away. In Greg Pizzoli’s book, Templeton finds a magic diamond and does exactly that (shades of The Twilight Zone here). I think I would have sat down and cried like a little baby, but Templeton goes to town and has a party for one, including doing that extra special awful thing we all know we would get beat for : DRAW PICTURES ON THE WALLS (we all wanted to do this, and some of us did it JUST ONCE with grave consequences; I tried to blame my brother the time I did it but was unsuccessful). But as this day progresses into scary, dark night, Templeton finds out that being all by yourself all the time really sucks. Luckily, he’s able to wish them all back into existence. I love Greg Pizzoli’s work; his flat illustrations and simple color palette are a joy (I always want to live in his color palettes, I find them so appealing). 

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