Tuesday, April 3, 2018

El huevo del erizo byI Nozomi Takahashi (2012)

The library at which I work got in a bunch of new Spanish picture books, so I picked up a stack to look at this.  This was the first one that caught my eye because the cover illustration looked both cute and modern.  My Spanish is very minimal - I know some basic library words, and some swear words.  I don’t think you can live in Southern California for nearly 20 years and not pick up a smattering of Spanish, but I generally can’t understand what people are trying to ask or tell me.  Reading Spanish is another story through - particularly a picture book.  You can infer much from the pictures; my college French comes in handy; and English and the Romance languages are cousins, so some Spanish words look enough like English to get me through.  Google translate was a friend in this process too.

Translating the book was more fun that actually reading the book.  The illustrations ended up being fine - not spectacular, but also not terrible either.  The plot was simple and funny, as a picture book plot should be, without much to write home about.

 (I learned something new; this book was in Spanish, translated, I guess, from French:  the hedgehog, howevever, still cries in French.  Ouinnnnn!  the hedgehog cries, which is French for the sound a baby makes when it cries.).

El huevo del erizoEl huevo del erizo by Nozomi Takahashi
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hedgehogs are cute. Hedgehogs who want their own eggs to incubate are adorable. This book is a mishmash of cute and adorable.

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