Sunday, April 29, 2018

“My Mother’s Music” by Emily Buchwald (2016)

I love serendipity.  Serendity is a capacity, an emotion, a faculty, a virtue, a eureka, a thing unexpected.

It’s a beautiful word, one of the most beautiful in the English language.

It speaks to discovery, to delight.  Serendity can cure solace.

Serendity can be individual, can be together, can be kept as secret treasure, can be shared and enjoyed by all.

Each person’s idea of serendipity is as different as each snowflake. We all find joy in our own small corners.

Birds are serendipity to me.  Nature is full of serendipity.  Rocks.  Gnarled tree branches.  Moss and mushrooms.  New people who share the same delights as me are serendipitous.  A new idea.

A new poem.  “My Mother’s Music” was a serendity.  Happy and unxpected.  It’s not a happy poem, but it’s a beautiful poem.

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