Sunday, June 17, 2018

“How to Meet A New Idea (Based on the Study of a Dog) After May Swenson” by Joyce Sidman (2003)

How To Meet A New Idea (Based on the Story of a Dog)
After May Swenson                  by Joyce Sidman

Detect from a distance.

Test the air.
Approach with interest:
ears open
eyes bright.

Remain neutral.
Circle carefully so as to view from all sides.

Do not speak.
Keep head low, respectful.
Refrain from growling.

Sniff thoroughly.

If acceptable, wag tail.
If not, lift leg.

At one point,  I seemed to be keeping paragraphs of interest, but mostly poetry I read and liked.  The poem comes from a book called The World According to Dog by Joyce Sidman.

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